The Edmonton International Folk Dancers welcome you!

               Join us! We dance every Friday night!

Never danced before? Come give folk dance a try! During the fall and winter terms, our intermediate/advanced class starts at 7:30PM, regular class goes from 8-8:50PM, followed by request dancing from 9-10PM. 
Dancing in April 2017

     This month we will review dances taught this year. On April
     7 and 28, we will review advanced class dances at 7:30PM,
     regular class dances at 8PM, then all request from 9-10PM.
     We will not be dancing on Good Friday, April 14.
                              AGM, April 21, 2017
     Our Annual General Meeting will start at 7:30PM. All 
     dancers are encouraged to attend. Review and request 
     dancing to follow.
Scent-free EIFD

EIFD has a scent-free policy. Scented products such as
       perfume, hair spray, lotion and other cosmetics can
       trigger allergic and other strong reactions. Please refrain
       from wearing scented products. Thanks!

Drop-in & Memberships

        Our drop-in fee continues to be $10 per evening and can
        be credited toward a 2016-17 membership.
        Click here for more info about rates and memberships.